Prairie Perspectives: Geographical Essays

Volume 12 (2009), edited by Dion Wiseman and Daniel Olsen (Brandon University)


Author Title
P.L. Buck Snapshots of change: applying GIS to a chronology of historic charts of the St. Marys River, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and Michigan
C.D. Malcolm Conservation implications of birder visitation to Douglas Marsh, Manitoba: expectation-satisfaction levels of birders on commercial trips versus other birders
R.J. Patrick A political ecology of source water protection
R.A. McGinn,
D.J. Wiseman,
K. Zaniewski
Terminoglacial lacustrine sediments and other deposits in the Glacial Lake Proven basin, Riding Mountain, Manitoba
J.M. Piwowar Twenty-metre biophysical variability within the northern mixed grass prairie

P.G. Bush,
B.J. Naylor,
P.N. Dunker

Characteristics of habitat used by pileated woodpeckers in Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest region of Ontario
R. Dilley,
G. Lindberg
Surfing Lake Superior
B. Shuwera,
P. Fitzpatrick
Through the ages: sense of place in Caliento, Manitoba
K. Zubrycki Horizontal parnerships in image-building: local level collaberation for place promotion in the Swan Valley
S. Gordon, J. Piwowar The availability of locally-grown food in Regina
J. C. Lehr Image building in the Rural Municipality of Stuartburn, Manitoba: the need for public policy
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