Prairie Perspectives: Geographical Essays

Volume 15 (2012), edited by Douglas Munski (University of North Dakota) and John Lehr (University of Winnipeg)


Author Title
A.M.Murnagham Representing nature in Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe's Diary: An examination of Toronto's colonial past
J.C.Lehr, M. Sawka W.J. Sisler's impressions of the Chicago Columbian Exposition 1893
R. Patrick,
A. MacDonald
Symbolism and the city: From towers of power to 'Ground Zero'
M. Sawka This is weird...people do this?: Locational aspects of women's latrinalia at the University of Winnipeg
M. Vachon Parking issues and aesthetics in downtown Winnipeg
R.A. McGinn Degree-day snowmelt runoff experiments; Clear Lake Watershed, Riding Mountain National Park
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