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Prairie Perspectives: Geographical Essays

Volume 2 (1999), edited by Rhonda Koster (University of Saskatchewan)


Author Title
S. Akwawua Changing patterns of core-periphery migration in Canada, 1961-1991
M. P. Smith,
B. McGregor, J. Lehr
Frontier settlement as a dynamic process: using GIS to map the Ukrainian settlement frontier in southeastern Manitoba
M. G. Street,
D. J. Wiseman
Integrating disparate data sources in an agricultural GIS
R. A. McGinn,
G. J. Bryant
The Drought Severity Index and the recollection of drought by agriculturalists in the Palliser Triangle, southwestern Manitoba
J. Everitt, W. Gill The changing geography of the terminal elevator: a preliminary analysis
M. Ofosuhene A comparison of rural community development strategies in Saskatchewan and North Dakota
K. Greengrass,
W. M. Last,
J. Deleqiat,
S. Sukhan
Waldsea Lake revisited: another look at the recent history of one of western Canada's best-studied meromictic lakes
F. S. Parsons,
R. A. McGinn
Cyclic water levels in Clear Lake, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba
C. E. Haque,
S. Csapo, R. Rounds
Regionalization of water infrastructures in Canada: a comparative study of conflict resolution approaches
P. Morton
A survey of attitudes and perceptions towards CXY, Brandon: environmental and safety issues
J. Everitt, J. Welsted Way down yonder, down Mexico way: tourists, snowbirds and expats in Mexico
K. Fedec,
O. W. Archibold
Visitor use and satisfaction of the Meewasin Trail system in Saskatoon
G. L. Repko, J. Everitt Down by the riverside: recent developments along the Assiniboine Corridor in Brandon
G. Sylvestre The geography of aging: a geographical contribution to gerontology
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