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Prairie Perspectives: Geographical Essays

Volume 5 (2002), edited by Bernard D. Thraves (University of Regina)


Author Title
A. M. Williams,
P. Simpson-Housley
Sense of place: the case of Canada's provincial norths
N. J. J. Chubak,
R. A. McGinn
A rating curve based on lake levels: evaluating outlet flow for Clear Lake, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba
N. Richea Reconstructing the historical stream flow from stream morphology in the Duck Mountains and Cypress Hills
C. W. Bater Meander migration rates and age of the lower Assiniboine River
W F. Rannie The role of the Assiniboine River in the 1826 and 1852 Red River floods
I.Hanuta Dendrochronology and dendroclimatology from bur oak trees in Birds Hills Provincial Park, Manitoba
G. Yu, X. Ke Pollen-based reconstruction of past millennium temperature in Canada
R. A. McGinn A sedimentary sequence in the Glacial Lake Proven basin: the Rolling River section, Riding Mountain, Manitoba
S. E. Belke,
R. A. McGinn,
M. E. Thompson
Factors affecting nutrient loading in the winter snowfalls over the Clear Lake watershed, November 1999-March 2001
E. Sadowski
The impacts of chloride concentrations on wetlands and amphibian distribution in the Toronto region
G A. J. Scott,
R. I. Orlandini
Rock-outcrop ecosystems as influenced by point-sourced pollution from a base-metal smelter, Flin Flon, Manitoba
X. Guo Discrimination of Saskatchewan prairie ecosystem using multitemporal 10-day composite NDVI data
D. Ramsey, B. Annis,
J. Everitt
Definitions and boundaries of community: the case of focus group analysis in southwestern Manitoba
B. Moffat Geographic antecedents of discontent: power and western Canadian regions 1870-1935
B. Hamilton Francophone land settlement in southwestern Saskatchewan: homestead choices of French speaking settlers in the Gravelbourg-Meyronne area
G. Lewis, J. Everitt,
D. Wiseman

A spatial analysis of crime in Brandon, Manitoba
B. Walberg,
D. Ramsey
Approving intensive livestock operations: conflict in the countryside of southwestern Manitoba
J. Selwood, M. Tonts Western Australia sandalwood and Winnipeg's mosquito wars: a secret weapon?
S. Bell
GIS for the people:cognitive errors and data restrictions
K. Zaniewski Multispectral classification algorithms and their application to thin section imagery
M. E. Scarborough,
P. Simpson-Housley
Perceptions of Peru's Sierra and Costa from the literature of Jose Maria Arguedas
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