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Prairie Perspectives: Geographical Essays

Volume 6 (2003), edited by Derrek Eberts and Dion Wiseman (Brandon University)


Author Title
W. F. Rannie Some observations on peak stages during the 1826 Red River flood and the "Fleming Conundrum"
S. E. Belke,
R. A. McGinn
Monitoring anthropogenic nutrients in a modified natural wetland: Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba
X. Guo Relationships between NDVI and climatological variability in the Prairie ecozone of Canada
B. J. Svenson,
R. A. McGinn
Development of a Landowner's Riparian Health Index (LOHRI): a case study in the Broughtons Creek watershed
J. M. Piwowar,
A. A. Millward
Ordination of multispectral imagery for multitemporal change analysis using Principal Components Analysis
G. A. J. Scott,
G. M. J. Scott
Growth form adaptations by conifers in an anthropogenically stressed environment, Flin Flon, Manitoba - preliminary observations
S. Bell Exploring geographic knowledge through mapping
B. P. Cecil, L. A. Cecil The (in)authenticity of the Prairie: elsewhereness and insideness in Margaret Laurence's Manawaka series
T. Carter,
C. Jacobucci,
T. Janzen
Inuit housing needs: a Coral Harbour, Nunavut, case study
J.Selwood, M. Tonts A home away from home at Grand Beach, Manitoba
K. B. Beesley,
L. Sanderson
Perception and sustainable forest management: woodland owners in the Nova Model Forest
C. D. Malcolm,
D. A. Duffus
Can whale-watching convey an important message of conservation?: an initial perspective from British Columbia, Canada
D. Walsh, D. Ramsey "If it came in the mail, I wouldn't have even looked at it": contact triangulation as a means to increase response rates
J. C. Everitt,
R. D. Ramsey
East to Arden Ridge: cultural icons and landscapes of the "Beautiful Plains" region of Manitoba
R. A. Mcginn,
K. Zaniewski
Multiple stream captures in a glacial spillway: Huns' Valley, Manitoba
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