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Prairie Perspectives: Geographical Essays

Volume 7 (2004), edited by Michelle Kuly, John C. Lehr and John Selwood
(University of Winnipeg)


Author Title
M. Kuly Bluegrass in an ephemeral world: personal reflections on a musical form
J. Lehr, J. Tabvahtah,
J. Bartlett
Identity and environment in contemporary Inuit music
K. Cardona-Claros,
C. Engbrecht
The catalytic potential of murals
L. Gaudry Trails, truth and tourism: Manitoba's Red Coat Trail
M. Vachon From flâneur to arpenteur
D. Eberts Craft production in rural Manitoba: some preliminary findings
R. Kennedy-Pruehs,
S. Bell, D. Martz
Spatializing rural communities' sense of place
S. Kohm, J. Selwood Capitalizing on life at the margins: the pawnbroker and inner city commerce
B. Massam, J. Everitt
The plaza as a public good: civic spaces in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
R. Gibson, D. Eberts Browsing for English: an investigation of non-material cultural diffusion among Taiwanese youth
D. A. Hansen The socioeconomic adjustment challenges of Bosnian refugee resettlement in North Dakota
S. Hathout The brain drain of medical services in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
G. A. J. Scott The role of introduced forage species in sustainable cattle-pasture development in the Gran Pajonal, Amazonian Peru
L. M. Jago,
C. D. Malcolm
Birding as a tool for conservation: preliminary develpoment of an educational program to increase environmental awareness in the Assiniboine River valley in Brandon, Manitoba
R. A. Mcginn,
K. Zaniewski
Outburst flood in the upper Rolling River spillway, Riding Mountain uplands, Manitoba: a physiographic and sedimentological appraisal
X. Ke, J. Dale A Mongolian ice sheet?
B. F. Noble,
S. N. Macharia
Towards a working framework for 'best'-practice EA follow-up: lessons from Canadian case studies
B. McGregor,
W. Hiebert, J. Lehr
Government policy and Hutterite Colony diffusion: 1917-2003
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