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Prairie Perspectives: Geographical Essays

Volume 8 (2005), edited by Bram F. Noble, Diane J.F. Martz and Alec E. Aitken
(University of Saskatchewan)


Author Title
S. Black, X. Guo,
C. Zhang
Evaluation of photosynthesis rates of introduced and native species in a mixed grassland ecosystem
X. Guo, C. Zhang,
J. Wilmshurst,
R. Sissons
Monitoring grassland health with remote sensing approaches
C. Zhang The evaluation of broadband vegetation indices on monitoring northern mixed grassland
X. Guo, C. Zhang,
R. Sissons,
J. Wilmshurst
Bird populations and remote sensing
Y. He, X. Guo
Y. Zheng
Impact of climate change with enhanced UV-B radiation on china's agricultural NPP
T. A. Radenbaugh,
S. J. Morse
Circuit-riding students and professors: higher education in the U.S. military
K. L. Mosset,
J. C. Everitt,
C. D. Malcolm
An exploration of recreation and tourism in Brandon, Manitoba
J. C. Everitt, M. Kolba,
M. Rosenberg
Healthy places? Service provision for seniors in small towns on the Prairies
B. D. Thraves
The plebiscites of Regina's 1985 civic election
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