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Prairie Perspectives: Geographical Essays

Volume 9:1 (2006), edited by Bonnie C. Hallman, Jim Gardiner (University of Manitoba) and Danny Blair (University of Winnipeg)


Author Title
P.Fitzpatrick The environmental assessment process-learning Nexus: a Manitoba case study
S. Cipko, J. Lehr Ukrainian settlement in Paraguay
W. R. Horne Provincial dominance: the unique case of Winnipeg
J. Pratte Bicycle tourism: on the trail to economic development
W. F. Rannie Evidence for unusually wet 19th Century summers in the eastern Prairies and northwestern Ontario
Y. He, X. Guo Leaf Area Index estimation using remotely sensed data for Grasslands National Park
J. Selwood Second homes Russian/Ukrainian style
M. Snyder, J. Distasio,
S. Hathout
The use of spatial and non-spatial analysis for evaluating the need for urban revitalization in Winnipeg
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