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Prairie Perspectives: Geographical Essays

Volume 10 (2007), edited by Douglas C. Munski (University of North Dakota)


Author Title
B. Hamilton Métis land settlement at Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan, 1840-1910
S. L. Wouters,
E. J. Peters
Urban Aboriginal settlement patterns and the distributions of housing characteristics in large prairie cities, 2001
C. Lovett,
K. Beesley
Where to live? The residential preferences of Canada's creative class
R. L. P. Koster An evaluation of community-based tourism development: how theory intersects with practice
J. Everitt Chasing Twenty-first Century smokestacks: tourism research in the British Virgin Islands
C. E. Haque,
A. K. Deb,
D. Medeiros
The livelihood improvement and conservation dilemma: knowledge transfer in the Cananéia Oyster Producers' Cooperative in Brazil
J. Henderson,
J. M. Piwowar
Determining the effectiveness of remote sensing for studying boreal forest response to moisture stress
M. Luo, J. M. Piwowar Applying GIS for assessing wildfire risks to climate change in Saskatchewan
K. Zaniewski,
R. A. McGinn,
D. J. Wiseman
The extent and characteristics of glaciolacustrine and other deposits in the Otter Lake basin, Riding Mountain, Manitoba
W. H. N. Paton,
J. C. Champagne,
R. A. McGinn
Wastewater reclamation and re-use in the Clear Lake watershed, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba
J. Selwood,
M. Brayshay
Thinking globally, acting locally: the London-based Hudson's Bay Company Governor's 1934 tour of its Canadian operations in the eastern Arctic
B. P. Cecil, L. A. Cecil Memory and place-based identity of the elderly in Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin and Margaret Laurence's The Stone Angel
K. Zubrycki Literary utopias: literal hells?
G. S. Vandeberg,
W. Wetherholt,
T. Fahrni,
P. E. Todhunter,
D. C. Munski
Investigating the Prairie Pothole Region of north central North Dakota: field trip guide
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